Young Leaders Program

8:00am - 9:45am: Young Leaders Breakfast Program | NYU Torch Club
(Note: Program is only open to those 35 and younger. Space is limited to 60.)

Civic Duty: How to Make a Place in Your Community

Democracy is the foundation of our nation and our buildings are the foundation of our communities. As Young Leaders in the real estate industry this group is uniquely positioned to use their power within this community to positively influence society. In this interactive panel discussion you’ll hear from community and industry leaders about how they maximize their impact. The panelists will dissect their techniques and discuss ways to apply their lessons to the issues you care about in your own municipality. Our society is strengthened by our participation and it is a privilege to be engaged. Come learn how to get involved and leave feeling inspired to get started.

Moderator:  Elizabeth Plank, Senior Editor at Mic and the host of Flip The Script

Morgan Blackburn, StreetWise Partners, Inc.
Michael Davidson, JP Morgan Chase
Gerald (Jerry) O'Brien, Comcast Cable Communications, LLC